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How to post images in the gallery

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Bill Boehme

Staff member
Beta Tester
Jan 27, 2005
Dalworthington Gardens, TX
This tutorial describes how to post images in the gallery. First, I would like to remind members that the maximum image size is 1920 X 1920 pixels and 1 Megabyte filo size (2 Megabytes for AAW members). The maximum number of images that you may upload is two views per any one turning and no more than 4 images per 24 hour period. Also, the gallery may only be used to show completed works. Any other images will be unceremoniously deleted by a moderator.

There are multiple ways to place images in the gallery, but I will just describe one way and let you discover other ways to do it. The first step is to click on the GALLERY tab as shown below.

Gallery 1.jpg

This will open the Gallery page that shows the forty most recent uploads to the gallery. In the upper right of the gallery page you will see an ADD MEDIA button as shown below. Click on it.

Gallery 2.jpg

This will open an ADD MEDIA page where you will be given the choice of adding your image to a "site category" or to "an album". This is the part where some people may be confused so the first part of this tutorial will focus only on uploading to a site category.

Gallery 3.jpg

Although you will see two choices on the choose a category menu, the only one that you may use is Member Galleries. Photo of the week is reserved for use by moderators only.

Gallery 4.jpg
The difference between Member Galleries and Albums is that albums allows you to group your photos and to sort the viewing order within individual albums. If you only have a few images in the gallery then Member Galleries is a simpler choice. When you click on Member Galleries, the page view will change as shown below. Click on the UPLOAD IMAGE button.

Gallery 5.jpg

Next, as shown below you will see a Windows Explorer window open up (or something equivalent if you are using a Mac or iPad or Linux, etc). Navigate to the desired directory or folder to find the desired image that you want to upload.

Gallery 6.jpg

And, here we are as shown below at the desired directory where the image that I want to upload (Southwestern Olla.jpg) is located. I click on the image to select it and then click on Open as shown below.

Gallery 7.jpg

Finally, as shown below enter a title for the image if you haven't already given it a descriptive title. Please don't leave the default filename created in the camera as the title. Next, write a description of your creation. Good descriptions draw a lot more viewer interest than just leaving the field blank. When satisfied that everything is is OK, click on SAVE MEDIA as shown in the figure below.

Gallery 8.jpg

That completes this portion of the tutorial. The next installment will describe how to create an album and upload images to the album and also how to rearrange images in your albums. It will also include moving your images from Member Galleries to your albums.
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