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Turning Chocolate - Innovations of a Pastry Chef by Scott Talbott Smith 35.6:38

Rims, lips, chucks, jaws, and more!​

Hello !

Time in the shop is a great way to escape, create, explore, and relax. And, it’s been the perfect way to fill the gaps in long days of self-isolation and social distancing. While many communities are taking steps to return to some form of normalcy, it’s still a great time to experiment with a new technique, organize your shop, or perform equipment maintenance. Today’s picks include information to help you look at rims/lips differently and other useful material we think you’ll find inspiring.

If you’re looking for even more ideas, don’t forget about AAW Explore and Video Source where you can locate articles and projects online using just a category and keyword!​

Turning of the Week​

Carol Hall
Chasing Rainbows 1
Spalted maple, crystals, paint, gilding
6" x 4" x 4"

Carol Hall: Chasing Rainbows 1
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